JPEG Medic // Accurate Manual JPEG Recovery


My name is Denis Anisimov, and I am just a programmer. I used to reverse-engineer various proprietary file formats for a long time with some success. Now I run several commercial software projects.

One day my SD card with photographs has gone west. I googled for days but found nothing that could help me recover my lost data. So I sit down and delved into the matter. I thoroughly investigated the structure of jpeg files, ways meta-information is stored, color coding methods, and also the internals of the FAT file system in between. A few months later, I was finally able to recover almost all photographs from my unfortunate SD card. And then I thought: “Hell, it could not be that I am the only one who faced such a problem”. So JpegMedic, a broken JPEG repair service, was born.

Fell free to ask me any questions you may have regarding the service. Just send them to me at I’ll do my best to answer within one working day, but please take into account time zone differences.