JPEG Medic // Accurate Manual JPEG Recovery

Recover grey boxes, damaged colors and partially loading JPEG images

It doesn’t really matter whether your vital JPEG file got damaged while copying from the camera, or due to a disk failure. It doesn’t open, that’s what important.

Now, grab your damaged JPEG and send them to JPEG Medic. Me, that is. Thanks to in-depth understanding of JPEG peculiarities and 10 years of byte-by-byte JPEG image editing I can fix and repair almost any damages – regardless of the camera model that produced the photo. Well, as long as there are at least some data to recover in the file.

What JPEG Problems You Can Recover


Grey boxes, half-grey JPG

Grey parts mean the lack of corresponding pixel data. Often, the graphical information does present in the file in full, but cannot be read due to the damaged file structure.


Shifted colors or damaged palette

If a JPG image turns purple at certain parts, this means there are minor errors in the bitstream of a file. Fixing these issues recovers JPEG completely.


Complex damages

Typically caused by many different factors, complex damages of a JPEG file are the result of disk or connection failures, or erroneous reading from a camera SD storage.


Damaged JPEG header or syntax

Sometimes a JPEG image does not read because the image viewer cannot decode it correctly due to errors in the technical parts of the file such as a header or JPEG markers.

JPEG file won’t open

Even if the image does not open at all – the game is not lost yet. Fixing inner damages of a JPEG file can sometimes bring it back to life. Send me your file for analysis to know for sure.

Submit JPEG for recovery

Why Use JPEG Medic Services

Better than automated JPEG repair software

Due to the way JPEG images are encoded, automated recovery of damaged JPG files is barely possible. There is simply no way an automated tool can reliably fix non-reading or wrongly displayed photograph. On the other side, semi-automated manual repair process can bring broken JPEG images back to life rather quickly.

High recovery chances

Even hardly damaged JPEG often can be recovered at least partially. I know the intrinsics of JPEG all way through, so I can deal with types of defects that literally no software can repair. Moreover, thanks to specialized automation tools I developed, you will get the fixed JPEG files pretty soon.

Repair JPEG from digital cameras

With JPEG Medic you can restore broken or damaged JPEG photographs stored or copied from almost any digital camera, even if other services say no. For instance, if the main photo is unrecoverable, I can try to retrieve at least some information from a JPEG thumbnail which can easily be up to 1440x960 pixels in modern cameras.

Pay for the result

You pay for successfully recovered images only. However, “successful” does not always mean 100%. Sometimes, the original JPEG may not read at all, but after recovery it displays like 70% of the image. 70% is better than nothing, right? That’s a successful recovery.

Lossless recovery

The MCU-level repair of JPEG images allows saving recovered blocks bit by bit, exactly as they follow in the original file. This means you never lose information on an image due to recovery procedures. If an MCU block is not damaged, it ends up in the destination file intact.

Recovery of camera RAW files

Professional cameras save RAW files plus a full-sized JPEG preview. I can analyze the damaged RAW file saved by your camera and recover the JPEG image from it. Then, you can use it to restore the content missing in the RAW file.

Recovery of JPEG files from disc images

Suppose an SD card or a CD disk with your JPEG photographs does not read. So you cannot select exact files to send me to fix them. No problem: make an image of the storage and send the entire disc image file instead. I will recover JPEG files directly from image file.


How does the service work?

You submit your JPEG file. I analyze the type of the damage and choose the way to recover the lost data. Then, I use special tools to fix the issues I found and send one of the restored images with a watermark to you as a proof. After payment, you will receive all recovered JPEG files.

How long does it take to recover an image?

This depends on the amount of damage. Overall, thanks to the tools I use, the recovery process is quite quick. One broken fragment per minute is a good estimation.

Can you recover massive amounts of JPEG?

Manual recovery of JPEG files means I cannot perform batch recovery. In fact, nobody can. Every damaged file is processed individually. Please contact me to know for sure if I can help you.

What about privacy?

For privacy concerns, I delete all your images instantly after you confirm that you received the repaired JPEG files. The only person who will ever see your images is me. I need to be sure the image is recovered correctly. This breaks your privacy in a sense, but that’s still better than a non-opening image nobody will ever able to see, including you.

How much does it cost?

Recovery of one image costs from $2 to $10 depending on complexity of the injury. Minimum order is $20. An affordable price to get your valuable photos back or prevent total loss of your work and fulfill your obligations if you are a photographer.

The program I use

If you would like to repair damaged JPEG files yourself, you can try to use the special tool I use myself called JpegMedic. And I’m going to let in on a secret: repairing JPEG is simpler than it sounds :)