JPEG Medic // Accurate Manual JPEG Recovery
Table of Contents
  1. Overview
  2. Theory of JPEG Repair
    1. JPEG structure
    2. How to fix broken JPEG file
  3. Working with the Program
    1. Main menu
    2. Virtual folder tree
    3. Files panel
    4. Preview panel
    5. Cluster view
    6. Hex view
  4. Repairing JPEG image
    1. Opening JPEG file
    2. Repair window
      1. Menu commands
    3. Repair procedure
      1. Visual analysis and localization of damaged MCUs
      2. Finding the next correct MCU
      3. Deleting damaged MCUs
      4. Inserting empty MCUs
      5. Color correction
        1. Automatic color correction
        2. Manual color correction
      6. Filling empty MCUs with data
        1. Use the thumbnail image to fill the empty MCUs
        2. Auto-generate missing content
    4. Saving repaired JPEG image
    5. Repairing fragmented JPEG file
    6. Repairing damaged JPEG image based on SOS marker
    7. Repairing JPEG file encoded by ransomware

Saving repaired JPEG image

After you have repaired damages, the recovered image can be saved using the File > Save as menu command in the Repair window.

Alternatively, you can apply all changes made to the recovered image using the File > Finish repairing. The program "remembers" the repaired image, and then you can save the image as usual with the Image > Save as menu command in the main window of JpegMedic, or use the Folder > Export command to save the entire contents of the virtual folder.

Regardless of the chosen way to save the image, saving preserves all the metadata of the original file. Also, saving is lossless, that is the graphical contents of the source JPEG file are not recompressed, all bits of the original file are saved without any changes. If repairing the JPEG image resulted in "cavities", i.e. empty fragments, such "cavities" are automatically filled with data from the selected thumbnail. If the Don't use thumbnail option is selected, "cavities" are filled with grey color, and if there are full empty lines on the top or at the bottom of the images, such lines are removed.